Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

From Hanoi, we set out via private car to the port of the Gulf of Tonkin for our excursion to Ha Long Bay. The port is a mess of tourists, all being herded by vietmanese cattle drivers. You there, no no, come come, you wait. ATMs are hard to come by, and you need cash, … Continue reading Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The salvages of war can still be seen. The lack of governance and extreme poverty shine, like the new pair of Channel heels a Western woman stomps around in. Pollution so thick, grabbing one molecule of it seems feasible. Labor, especially for women, so back breaking… I could feel the pain as I sat my … Continue reading Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

EasyJet in Europe, easy, AirAsia in Asia, maybe easier. Flying around Asia from Bangkok is so simple. So when planning my next trip, Vietnam seemed a simple choice. The plan was to fly from BKK to Hanoi, spend an evening in Hanoi and then take a 2 day, 1 night trip to Ha Long Bay, … Continue reading Hanoi, Vietnam