The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Another solo trip to another mountain top. It is now December and I have only one week to prepare myself for leaving. How can I explain how the air here soothes my soul, how being one step away from the mountains brings the easy rhythm to my heart? The joy of independence and the pride … Continue reading The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Jungfrau, where I fell in love with the world

At the end of our incredible journey as Mother and Daughter, I had to head back to work. :/ But, my Mom still had a few days to do some exploring herself. So- I sent her to no other destination than the Swiss Alps, for a view she just had to see. Jungfrau- The top … Continue reading Jungfrau, where I fell in love with the world

Lucerne, Switzerland

When you are at the edge of the world, when you are on the brink, when you feel like you could fall, then I would say that is one of they days you feel most alive. And I needed this day, to feel alive again. After being crammed indoors with school papers, my internship, and … Continue reading Lucerne, Switzerland