The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Another solo trip to another mountain top. It is now December and I have only one week to prepare myself for leaving. How can I explain how the air here soothes my soul, how being one step away from the mountains brings the easy rhythm to my heart? The joy of independence and the pride … Continue reading The Matterhorn, Switzerland

My Mom made it to Geneva

I try to only post pictures of the places I go‚ĶBUT, this moment, the time I got to spend with my MOM, was unforgetable for me! She is THE most amazing woman I know and I was so proud and happy that she came! And shortly after her arrival, the fun began to unfold. First … Continue reading My Mom made it to Geneva

Time keeps flying

I, at this point, am really struggling to keep this blog up at the pace I would like to. I am so incredibly busy. I have visited a lot of new places in the last couple months. Some old places too, like home (Texas). And where I am at right now, is working 40 hrs. … Continue reading Time keeps flying

Toledo, Spain

Toledo- said to have been populated since the Bronze Age, and one of the oldest fortified cities in Spain. The whole city is surrounded by water, with impressive castles and and churches galore. Some of the streets are so small, you need to form a line to get through. The best part about our visit … Continue reading Toledo, Spain

Day dreaming in leather

Old roads through the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. Though I am decked out in leather and riding on a motorcycle, I somehow always find a way to be with nature.

Returning to Geneva

I thought returning to Europe after living for 4 months in Asia would be hard. As I was leaving my Bangkok life, I had tears in my eyes. I of course knew that one day I would return to Asia, but it felt so final. Like I would be missing out on a whole side … Continue reading Returning to Geneva