Dommelstraat 23B, Our Home

Dommelstraat 23B, our home; the place where so many memories were made. You often hear songs about first homes and I guess until you have that “first” home with the one you truly love, you don’t get it. But now we do. Our memories will remain strong and the love we grew there will hold … Continue reading Dommelstraat 23B, Our Home

Konings dag, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

In celebration of the birth of our King Willem Alexandar, we wear orange, drink loads, laugh with friends and dance dance dance. Last Konings Dag, I was tormented by a terrible stomach flu, so this year, we went all out. Inviting friends over to start the day with Mojitos and snacks, the day turned into … Continue reading Konings dag, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

On February 12th, 2013, I made my official move to Eindhoven, The Netherlands to be with the man I love. And just like the culminating spring seasons of the Netherlands, my move similarily brought us to a place where we could mututally experience the first spring season of the seed of “us”. I am so … Continue reading Eindhoven, The Netherlands