Singapore: a squeaky clean whirlwind

As we always do, we began our adventure to the next country by first searching from the hostel in our current location for a place to crash after the long days. Of course, as travelers, we heard many times how expensive Singapore is and how a travelers' few spare dollars cruise a unequaled, rather short distance, in … Continue reading Singapore: a squeaky clean whirlwind

Same Thailand, new stops, beautiful friendships, and gratitude for it all

[JUST SO YOU KNOW, this is not a normal butterfly story. It is 7 am and I just feel like lazy writing. ] When I left Bangkok in 2012, I was not really ready to leave. I just loved living there so much. The simplicity of things, my yoga beginnings, Buddhism, the Thai culture, close friends, the food … Continue reading Same Thailand, new stops, beautiful friendships, and gratitude for it all

The Mae Song River, Laos

What was once the considered the soul of the Lao people, the Mae Song, today is considered the soul of the lost. They depise what it has become, because it is now the resting place of unrested souls. Ask me about this.

Ta Phrom, Angkor Wat Complex, Siem Reap

As long as your roots are strong, you can grow any place you like. Lesson learned. Attempting to live the same.

Daily Life in BKK

What I have, I most certainly take for granted. Even though I am constantly thanking God for my wonderful family, friends, and the path he has placed me on. As I walk through downtown Bangkok, it is easy to forget where I am… and continue daily life. But then, I have that moment, which comes … Continue reading Daily Life in BKK

Hanoi, Vietnam

EasyJet in Europe, easy, AirAsia in Asia, maybe easier. Flying around Asia from Bangkok is so simple. So when planning my next trip, Vietnam seemed a simple choice. The plan was to fly from BKK to Hanoi, spend an evening in Hanoi and then take a 2 day, 1 night trip to Ha Long Bay, … Continue reading Hanoi, Vietnam

Moving to Bangkok

So, I have moved to Thailand now. Why you ask? Well, the obvious answer is for the adventure of it, exploration. How did I get to do this, is probably a better question. I managed this by deciding to study abroad from my abroad study in Geneva. For the next four months, January through the … Continue reading Moving to Bangkok