Meadville, Pennsylvania

Being that I am away from my family the majority of the time, unfortunately (I wish I could take them everywhere with me), I usually spend around a months time at home during the Christmas Season. Therefore, when someone in my family needed some help, I flew up to small town Meadville, Pennsylvania. Though it … Continue reading Meadville, Pennsylvania

Chamonix, France

It is offically November. Only a little over a month left before the sand of time runs out for me here in Switzerland. I know many people go through this. I mean, if you have the grand opportunity to call Switzerland home, it is most definitely not something you ever want to give up. But, … Continue reading Chamonix, France

Wachau Valley, Vienna countryside, Austria

After spending a couple days in the city of Vienna, it was time to see what the outskirts had to offer. And we were definitely not disappointed. I always find that these days capture my soul. Being in nature, amidst the trees and wind; and on this day the Danube River. We woke up early, … Continue reading Wachau Valley, Vienna countryside, Austria

My Mom made it to Geneva

I try to only post pictures of the places I go‚ĶBUT, this moment, the time I got to spend with my MOM, was unforgetable for me! She is THE most amazing woman I know and I was so proud and happy that she came! And shortly after her arrival, the fun began to unfold. First … Continue reading My Mom made it to Geneva

Time keeps flying

I, at this point, am really struggling to keep this blog up at the pace I would like to. I am so incredibly busy. I have visited a lot of new places in the last couple months. Some old places too, like home (Texas). And where I am at right now, is working 40 hrs. … Continue reading Time keeps flying